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Health and Fitness Articles

Tired of searching all over the internet to find health and fitness advice that you can trust? We get it, there is a lot of information out there but looking for the right information is a pain. That’s why all the articles on this site are backed backed by credible sources and proven data. The Resources section can provide you answers about about diet, fitness, mental health, supplements, or bodybuilding. Check it out with the button below!

Workout Plans

Struggling to find a good training program and not wanting to drop money on plans or personal training? Sometimes you just need a place to get started! The workout plan section offers DUP Programs, Bodypart Splits, and other tailored programs to help you meet your fitness goals! Check out the free workout plans with the button below!

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Top Fitness Tools

Our fitness tools collection is ever-growing based on what the community needs. Here are the top tools currently!

About Doug Grows

Doug Grows was created to provide gym goers with one single location pulling together all the best training, diet, mental health, and supplement information available online. No gimmicks, no fads, just proven data. If it works it will be on Doug Grows.

The free training programs here are either tried, true and readily available elsewhere online or created specifically by professional trainers for this website. There are no gimmick or influencer workouts here. We know you want results and our training programs will deliver them.

We are very careful to site sources so you can know that any advice is coming from a credible expert. (Don’t believe it? Just click one of the highlighted links in one of the articles). We don’t want to put bad training or diet information out just as badly as you don’t want to read it.

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