1RM Warm-up Calculator: How to Warm-up For Your 1RM

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1RM Warm-up Calculator

Are you about to attempt a new 1RM? Use the calculator below to determine how much weight you should use to warm up for the best results!

Just enter the weight you plan to attempt below and the 1RM warm-up calculator will show you exactly what weight you should be lifting for your warmup.

Warming Up to a 1 Rep Max

Warming up can make all the difference in your training. It is especially important when you plan on attempting a 1RM. A good warm-up may lower your chances of injury and increases the likelihood of a successful PR attempt.

It is recommended that before attempting a new 1RM that you first do a general warmup for about five to ten minutes of light physical activity. Light cardio such as the treadmill or mobility drills are recommended to get your blood flowing and prepare your body for lifting.

After the general warm-up use the calculated lifts above to warm-up for the specific lift you are about to attempt.

How to Calculate Warmup Sets

There are many different ways to calculate warm up sets. Above in the 1RM warm-up calculator is one of the most popular ways. However you don’t need a warm up sets calculator: you can also do the math yourself!

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to calculate warm up sets and reps start with this:

  • 1st set 40% max for 8 reps
  • 2nd set 50% max for 6 reps
  • 3rd set 60% max for 4 reps
  • 4th set 70% max for 2 reps
  • 5th set 80% max for one rep
  • 6th set 90% max for one rep
  • 7th set 95% max for one rep
  • 1RM test

You can continue to add weight and test from here if you have enough gas left in the tank!

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