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About the Doug Grows Personal Trainer Promotion

As an online coach or personal trainer, one of the most important factors in your ability to grow is your brand. People who recognize your brand are more likely to trust you and consequently, work with you. Whether you are trying to gain recognition for your website or social media OR trying to gain more clients, being recognized for what you do makes all the difference.

However, getting your name out can be expensive AND provide mixed results. Our promotion offer can help at no cost! (To the left is the growth a client of mine saw in just over 10 days).

This is where Doug Grows comes in.

You see, I have a platform and a network of people engaging with health and fitness content already.

I do not have any desire to provide personal training or coaching myself. BUT! I do want the people who know and trust Doug Grows to be able to get the results they need.

By giving trainers like you another place to spread your message I can now help my following EVEN more while also providing benefit to you.

It is truly a win/win!

What you get after submitting the form:

  • A search engine optimized article for generating traffic.
  • Promotion on Doug Grows website and social platforms totaling over 15,000 new views per month and growing.
  • Embedded links to your website or social media platform.

Coaches and personal trainer promotion form

You are probably wondering what you have to do to get the free promotion. It’s actually pretty simple!

Fill out the form below or choose one of the paid promotions and within 48 hours you will be sent a promotion form like the one to the left. After filling and sending that form back to me you are done! You will be notified when your promotion goes live!

Additionally, you can purchase the list of over 290 websites that will allow you to guest post or will trade backlinks with you.

Free Promotion on Doug Grows


  • Content Optimized for Traffic
  • Promotion to 15k Doug Grows Network
  • Backlinks Placement

290+ Other Sites That Will Promote you

290+ Additional websites that will allow you to guest post or will trade backlinks with you.

This document includes the name of the website, the link to their guest post page, and the domain authority of the website.


Need Additional Promotion or Marketing?

Doug Grows works directly with health and fitness brands to help them grow. We have the unique ability to leverage our existing communities and audience to grow them quickly. If you are serious about acquiring clients or growing your brand please fill out this contact form! You can also learn more here.