Health and Fitness Tools

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Health and Fitness Tools

Reach your goals faster with our free health and fitness tools below!

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Calorie Calculator

Not sure how many calories you need to maintain, lose, or gain weight? This calorie calculator can help! Just click the “Use Calculator” button!

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One Rep Max Calculator

Not sure what your one rep max is and want to find out? Knowing your estimated and/or true one rep max can be beneficial for reaching strength and physique goals faster. This one rep max calculator can help you find them! Just click the “Use Calculator” button!

Calories Burned Calculator

Want to know how many calories you burn when you exercise? Try this out!

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One Rep Max Warm-up Calculator

Warm up for your One Rep Max attempt to ensure you are successful. Just click the “Use Calculator” button!

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Smolov Jr. Calculator

Looking to increase a main lift such as squat, bench, or deadlift in a major way over a short period of time? The Smolov Jr. program might be just what you need! Just click the “Use Calculator” button below to check it out!

Cronometer- track your nutrition and health data for free

Diet and Food Tracking App

Cronometer is a great food diary app that can be customized to fit your nutritional needs. The customizable macro and micronutrient information is invaluable and the interface is easy to understand!

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Fitness Community

One of the best things you can do when in need of help is to turn to a community of likeminded people. You can join ours here!

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Find a Personal Trainer

Looking for some additional help? Search our database of personal trainers!

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Bench Press Chart

Check out bench press averages or find out how much you can lift.

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Weight Conversion Calculator

Quickly convert between grams, kilograms, and pounds with this simple calculator.

BMI calculator

BMI Calculator

Determine your BMI using our free online calculator.

man measuring waist for the body fat calculator

Body Fat Calculator

Determine your body fat levels using our free online calculator.

BMR Calculator

Determine your basal metabolic rate using our free online calculator.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Determine your target heart rate using our free online calculator.

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Macro Calculator

Determine the macros you need to meet your goals using our free online calculator.

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Calories Burned Calculator

Determine the number of calories your workout burns using our free online calculator.

woman doing push ups

Push-Up Calculator

Determine where your upper body endurance measures up using our free online calculator.

How-To Exercise Video Database

When it comes to exercising, having the right information is essential. You need to know the proper form and technique to get the most out of each workout. Unfortunately, finding the right how-to exercise videos can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the gym. That’s why we created this database of how-to exercise videos, so lifters can easily find the right video for their needs.

About the Health and Fitness Tools

We are committed to getting you better results in any way that we can. That means providing the resources that you need to reach your goals.

Whether you are new to health and fitness or a long time veteran, there should be something here for you! Take a look at our free tools above!