Personal Trainer Marketing Services

We specialize in personal trainer marketing and already have the network in place to help you hit the ground running or to expand your current reach.

The Difference we Offer

  • Existing Health and Fitness Audience you can Leverage
  • Community Forum offering Tips and Best Practices
  • Over 25 Combined Years of Online Marketing Experience
  • Proven Techniques that have worked time and time again
  • Over 100 Existing Happy Customers


Basic Personal Trainer Marketing Package

The basic program is a monthly growth coaching service. We don’t do any of the work for you but we tell you exactly what steps you need to take to grow your client base. After an initial evaluation of your current marketing we provide a marketing strategy outline with daily steps to take to reach your goals. We meet once a week to check in and make necessary updates to your marketing plan. This service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the marketing plan and our support for it you can get your money back.



Standard Personal Trainer Marketing Package

The standard marketing package comes with a personal trainer sales funnel that has been tested and proven to work, daily posts for your social media accounts, ad sets built to convert personal training clients, and built in automation to keep leads engaged. This package can be taken with the Basic Package if you would like additional help growing your client base.



Premium Personal Trainer Marketing Package

The premium marketing package comes with everything that is in the standard package as well as a body-type tool to use for lead gen, a high ticket offer funnel and follow up that converts at 20%, and a daily inbox coaching program. This package can also be taken with the Basic Package if you feel that you would like additional help.


A la Carte Services

We also offer services pieced out if you would prefer to start this way. To learn more about the a la carte services read more below.

Online Brand Ecosystem

Your brand ecosystem is the “body” of your business. It is the hub of everything your business stands for and allows you to build connections and create recognition for yourself and your service. This includes your website, your social media accounts, and more. The larger your ecosystem is, the faster you can grow and the further you can reach.

If you do not already have these set up we can build them for you based on what we know already works.

Website BuildStarting At $500
Sales Funnel BuildStarting At $500
Social Media Daily Posts$300 Per Social
Full Ecosystem BuildStarting At $2,000

Brand Authority

Beyond just having your brand online, people need to be able to trust it in order to use your service. There are many ways to build authority online, including: citations, social proof, and authority content. Having authority ensures that you close sales at a higher rate than you would without it. For example: if you found two trainers online who seemed to have the same qualifications, however, one is featured in a publication like Forbes. Which one would you be more likely to reach out to?

Here are the actions we have found to be most impactful for Personal Trainers to build trust and reach online.

Start building brand authority by getting your content on Doug Grows. Just fill out the form here.

Guest PostingStarting at Free
Social Content CreationStarting at $50
Citations ManagementStarting at $200
Web Content CreationStarting at $378
Press ServicesStarting at $1,000

Brand Scaling

Once your ecosystem is in place and you have some authority online you may find that you need to scale your business faster than it is doing with the work you are currently putting in.

If you already know that you have ads that convert, we can optimize the audience on single location ads to get you a better ROI.

If you would like to scale ads to multiple platforms and optimize for the audience of each we can scale those converting ads for you and optimize.

Finally, if you are struggling to turn a positive ROI on ads, we can put in the research and optimize ad sets as well as the audience to get you a positive ROI.

Single Location Ads Management$197/month
Conversion Ads Management$397/month
ROI Guarantee Ads Management$1,497/month

Great company and great service. They always deliver phenomenal results.

— Chris E. 1/21/2022

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