The Best Personal Trainer Marketing Services

Personal Trainer Marketing Services

Are You Ready to Grow?

Are you new to growing your training business online and looking for an edge to take it to the next level? Then you are in the right place!

Doug Grows specializes in personal trainer marketing, and even if you choose not to use our service, we will show you precisely what you need to do!

Read below to learn for yourself, or sign up for help using the form on the right!

Before We Share Our Secrets

Here is what you need to know about Doug Grows. This fitness community was created by Doug Shoemaker, his experience in marketing includes:

  • Previous Chief Marketing Officer for BasicSoft Inc.
  • Marketing Officer for Simplify Compliance
  • Head of Propaganda for Black Rifle
  • And years spent marketing his own businesses

Additionally, the team at Doug Grows has over 100 years of combined experience in business ownership specifically in the fitness industry. Plus, can you pass up leveraging the existing Doug Grows community for your own business?

Getting Started

Before getting to the fun part, we need to talk about setting up the foundation for a solid personal trainer marketing strategy. That is your online brand ecosystem.

Your brand ecosystem is the “body” of your business. It is the hub of everything your business stands for and allows you to build connection and create recognition for yourself and your services.

Your ecosystem should be as large as you can manage but we recommend having at least seven different facets. Video is the best content in the fitness industry so focus on platforms that support it.

Below are the platforms we recommend based on what we see working right now. However, you don’t have to use these ones specifically.

One of these should be your primary hub of business. We recommend a website, however social media pages that are set up as a sales funnel also work.

Recommended Platforms

These are the platforms that tend to provide some of the most consistent results.

  • Business Website
  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

If you want us to set up your business ecosystem, fill out the form to the right!

AIDA for personal trainer marketing

Now You Need Content!

You may start to see some results here, but realistically you are still just in the setup phase of an excellent personal trainer marketing plan.

If you know who your ideal client is, this part should be easy enough! Your content for the platforms mentioned above needs to do a couple things:

  • Share your credentials and build authority;
  • Explain the problems your ideal client has better than they could;
  • Provide the answer to those problems;
  • Provide a call to action to help them through the process!

We like to use the AIDA marketing format to the left!

Content Strategy Continued

For channels that support evergreen content (think website, blog, YouTube) the best strategy to use for personal trainer marketing is this:

  • Pillar content deep diving into a specific topic
  • At least seven pieces of supporting content for each pillar

For channels that need the algorithm to be triggered more regularly (social medias in general) your content strategy should include a daily post at peak interaction times.

Services like Later can make this substantially easier to manage. This is what we use.

We also recommend Canva for quick and easy content creation.

content creation for personal trainer marketing should be primarily video
reviews are crucial for personal trainer marketing

Building Trust

Beyond just getting your personal training brand online, you also need to be trustworthy!

If you came across two companies who had similar content online, but one of them was featured in a publication like Forbes or followed by an influencer in their space you would most likely trust that one more. That is the goal with building authority online.

Here are the best ways to build that trust for personal trainer marketing:

  • Social Proof
  • Citations
  • Authority Content
  • Press
  • Partnerships

Social proof comes from reviews, before and after photos/videos, and others talking about your business online or on social media. Make sure you are asking for this from existing clients and friends/family.

The good news for the others is that you can get started on our website for free!

Resources You Can Use Here

Step one for authority is getting your business citations handled. These include listings on places like Google, Bing, Yelp, and others.

Step two is getting backlinks and mentions! There are tons of ways to do this, however, one easy and free way is to join our community and share about your business here!

Additionally, if you write a workout plan for Doug Grows and it is approved you will get the credit for it! Just shoot us an email proposing the workout.

Step three is press! This could be an article all on its own, however, if you fill out the form to the right we can help with that too!

Scaling Your Personal Training Marketing

Now is the fun part! Once you have something set up that is converting, whether its your website, social accounts, or YouTube, you need to drive traffic to it at volume.

This is something we partner with another company on as they have better resources to scale ads than we do. If you are interested in speaking with us about them just fill out the form at the bottom of the page! Their pricing starts at $197 for ads management.

Additionally, we have the pricing for fully done for you personal trainer marketing ecosystems that convert below!


Basic Personal Trainer Marketing Package

The basic program is a monthly growth coaching service plus content creation. We write 500+ word SEO content for you and we tell you exactly what steps you need to take to grow your client base. After an initial evaluation of your current marketing we provide a marketing strategy outline with daily steps to take to reach your goals. We meet once a month to check in and make necessary updates to your marketing plan. This service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the marketing plan and our support for it you can get your money back.



Standard Personal Trainer Marketing Package

The standard marketing package comes with a personal trainer sales funnel that has been tested and proven to work, daily posts for your social media accounts, ad sets built to convert personal training clients, and built in automation to keep leads engaged. This package can be taken with the Basic Package if you would like additional help growing your client base.



Premium Personal Trainer Marketing Package

The premium marketing package comes with everything that is in the standard package as well as a body-type tool to use for lead gen, a high ticket offer funnel and follow up that converts at 20%, and a daily inbox coaching program. This package can also be taken with the Basic Package if you feel that you would like additional help.


Great company and great service. They always deliver phenomenal results.

— Chris E. 1/21/2022

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