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Should You Wash Gym Clothes Every Time

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Should you wash gym clothes every time you use them may seem like a strange question to some of you! If that is the case, this article probably isn’t meant for you.

For others, the gym, and laundry may be a chore. When trying to find ways to save yourself time, energy, and mental bandwidth, washing clothes can be a serious consideration. It can seem very appealing at times to pick up yesterdays gym clothes, give them a quick sniff, and put them on if they aren’t offensive. However, this may not be good enough.

For those of you who are still wondering if you should wash your gym clothes every time- here are somethings to consider.

Do you sweat while training?

If you are sweating you are creating an environment that is a perfect breeding ground for unhealthy germs. These germs can cause rashes, folliculitis, yeast infections, and more. For this reason, it can be even more important for women to wash gym clothes after each use.

If your training is light enough that you aren’t sweating then you probably don’t need to worry about bacteria and germs as much as an average gym goer. However, just to be safe, it’s best to assume that your clothes need washed because of other people at the gym whose germs you may have picked up.

Is a sniff test enough?

Even if your gym clothes smell fine they may be harboring unhealthy germs and bacteria that would be best not to reintroduce to your body. Gyms are generally not the cleanest environments. Even well kept gyms have the potential to spread general illnesses and even nastier infections like staph and MRSA that can be picked up through scrapes and cuts.

Does material type matter?

Polyester and spandex fabrics trap more germs, while cotton tends to collect less. Looser fitting clothes are also less likely to harbor germs. So in a pinch, loose fitting cotton clothing can be worn again without having to worry too much about germs. However, this does not mean they aren’t picking up germs at all.

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So, should you wash your gym clothes every time?

Yes, for your own safety, and for the comfort of those around you it is best to wash your gym clothes after each use. If you don’t have enough gym clothes to last you until you next do laundry you can find more here!

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