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The Smolov Jr. Bench Program: Increasing Your Max Bench

Smolov Jr. Bench Program

Are you looking for a way to increase your max bench press? If so, the Smolov Jr. bench program may be just what you need. 

This program is designed to help powerlifters increase their maximum bench press in just four weeks. With a combination of heavy lifting and proper rest and recovery, you can make serious gains with this method. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Smolov Jr. bench program and how it can help you reach your goals.

About Smolov Jr.

Smolov Jr. is an intense, abbreviated version of the Smolov squatting protocol. It’s also often used for bench pressing and may be one of the most brutal training regimens you will ever attempt. So get ready for a challenge!

However, if you stick with the program and add weight intelligently, you should make significant progress on your lifts. This page will detail the Smolov Jr. bench protocol. If you’re familiar with this program and are just looking for a calculator to compute workout loads, click here for the Smolov Jr. Calculator.

Smolov Jr. Bench Program Overview

Smolov Jr. is a 4-day per week program that extends over 3 weeks. Each week your repeat the same set and rep scheme but with more weight.

The weights used on each day of Smolov Jr. are based on your one rep max percentages. Therefore, the first week’s workload will be entirely percentage based. Then, depending on how the previous week went, you will add weight each week.

No need to break out your calculator – we’ve got one that will automatically crunch the numbers and calculate loads based on your 1 rep max. The amount of weight added each week is variable based on what you can lift. 

If you failed reps or were so crippled by soreness that you could hardly move, it’s best to keep the weights the same for the following week. But if the lifts were a breeze, add 5-10 lbs in week 1 and another 5-10 for week 2.

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Accessory Work

Generally speaking, it is suggested that you abstain from extra work while on a Smolov cycle. But ultimately, depending on how your body feels, you can always adjust the weight increments from week to week. 

You will go far if you just concentrate on bench press. However, if you want to include a bit of supplemental work, keep it concise.

You can also run this program for squat and bench at the same time. However, your recovery needs to be highly prioritized.

Smolov Jr. Bench Program Results

If you’re looking to take your benching to the next level, Smolov Jr. is the way to go. Just 4 days a week of intense focus and effort can lead to significant rewards. 

It’s not uncommon for lifters to see a 10 to 30+ lbs increase in their bench after two Smolov Jr. cycles separated by a week’s rest. It won’t be easy, but the results could be well worth the effort – so why not try it?

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