The Best Gyms Near Nampa, Idaho

The best gyms near Nampa, Idaho

Finding the right gym is essential if you’re looking to get in shape. But how do you know which gym is right for you? 

Nampa, Idaho, has a wide variety of gyms that offer different levels of fitness and training, so it can be hard to decide which one to choose. 

In this article, I’ll tell you about some of the best gyms near Nampa, Idaho, so you can make an informed decision about where to get your fitness on.

My Top Picks

I currently have two gym memberships, so I’m going to start with those two and why I think they are the best gyms near Nampa!

3D Fitness

3D is a private gym located right by downtown Nampa and within walking distance from my place. If you are a serious lifter training for a bodybuilding show, powerlifting meet, or strongman competition, it is the perfect gym!

It features 24/7 access, and the owners are some of the best people you will ever meet. And, if you get the chance to go there, you will absolutely meet them.

3D Fitness is like a large family. Everyone respects each other and gets along in a way I have never seen at any other gym. Plus, the other members are incredibly motivating and helpful if you ever need it!

They have just about every piece of useful equipment you could imagine and always keep the music going. If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend checking this gym out!

Crunch Fitness – Garrity

Although 3D is my go-to gym, my Crunch Fitness membership has come in handy! Crunch is not 24/7. However, they offer additional amenities such as tanning, a sauna, and kid’s care. Additionally, my membership with them allows me to take one free guest every time I go.

One other thing I love about my Crunch membership is that it works at all their locations. So, if I can’t make it to my home gym, I can still get a great workout!

Crunch also has a ton of equipment; however, they tend to be pretty busy every time I go in. As a result, it’s common to have to wait to use a piece of equipment at least once during a workout.

Other Great Options

Outside of my personal gyms, there are some other great options in the area! Here are a few gyms near Nampa I would recommend checking out if you get the chance:

The Mecca Gym is another great option for serious lifters. They have some of the best strongman, powerlifting, and bodybuilding coaches in the Valley and a wide range of equipment available. They don’t offer the same atmosphere as a private gym, but they are about as close as you could get with a public option.

Idaho Fitness Factory is a great and budget-friendly option with multiple locations throughout the Valley. In addition, they are locally owned and are a more comfortable atmosphere for someone just getting started.

One more gym I have to mention that probably wouldn’t be considered “local” to Nampa is The Gym. Their primary location is in Ontario, Oregon, so definitely out of the way for most people. However, I believe they have opened more locations closer to Nampa. They are an excellent option for anyone in the smaller towns like Fruitland, Payette, and New Plymouth.

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Gym Memberships vs. Personal Trainers

male personal trainer helping female client

Gym memberships and personal trainers go hand in hand. However, it is totally possible to have one without the other.

If you are in the market for a trainer, I recommend joining specialty gyms such as 3D, The Mecca, or The Gym to get an expert trainer.

If you are new to working out, working with a trainer at whatever gym you decide to join is also in your best interest.

One of the enormous benefits of hiring a trainer is that you can leverage their knowledge to get better and usually faster results. You really can’t do that by just joining a gym!

However, if a trainer is not an option, there are a ton of free workout and diet plans on this website you can use!


Still have questions? Here are some that I have been asked before!

How Much is a Gym Membership?

A gym membership in the Nampa area will range anywhere from about $25-55 without training.

Is a Gym Membership Worth it?

A gym membership is absolutely worth it for most people who want to be healthier or fitter. However, you can get results without one by using park gyms or buying your own equipment. Costs and usability become the issue then.

Can Joining a Gym Help Lose Weight?

Just joining a gym will not do anything for your weight loss goals. However, it is a step in the right direction. To start losing weight, you need to burn more calories or consume less. In fact, diet will do far more for any weight loss goal than working out ever will.

What Should I Wear to the Gym?

Obviously, you should wear the gym apparel available on this website!

But on a serious note, wear something breathable and comfortable. Don’t stress about how you look. You are there for yourself and what you wear is highly unlikely to change the results you can get.

The Best Gyms Near Nampa, Idaho

These were some of my favorite gyms near Nampa, but what are your favorite gyms in your area? Let me know in the comments!

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In 2013 I attended TVCC with my studies focusing on nutrition and biology. After leaving TVCC I pursued a career in inbound marketing and have worked in many different industries including health and fitness, firearms, coaching, and many more. I spent 6 years training for powerlifting and 6 years after training for a bodybuilding show in Idaho, which sadly did not come to fruition.

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