Top 26 Fitness Accounts on Instagram You Should be Following

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Are you struggling with gym or health and fitness motivation? Here are the top 26 fitness accounts on Instagram I recommend following to fix that!

These aren’t all massive celebrity accounts, but they are accounts I feel deliver great content! In fact, I expect that most of them you have never heard of before.

Here are, in my opinion, some of the best gym Instagram accounts:

UXO Supplements

UXO Supplements, has long been a favorite account of mine. Obviously, they advertise their supplements, but they also work tirelessly to spread knowledge. Their page features workouts, honest supplement reviews, gym comedy, and more!

Learn about the UXO Pre-workout here!

Hypertrophy Coach

Joe is amazing for gym knowledge, end of workout pump tips, isolation tips, and scientific breakdowns of what works and why. If you aren’t already following him, I would recommend doing that right now!

Stefi Cohen

Maddy Forberg

Kristin Estes

Whether you are looking for bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just general fitness motivation, Kristin has something on her page for you! Her content is inspiring, funny, and packed with good information.

Julian Smith

Julian has basically built a workout database on his page.

Jason Poston

Curious about supplements, nutrition, and hormones? Jason is your guy! Check out his page above.

Dr. Kaleb Redden

Unfortunately, his page isn’t shareable here. However, Dr. Redden offers unique insight into heavy lifting because, well… he is a doctor. With tips to avoid injury, supplement advice, and more, his page is worth checking out!

Jessica the Sports RD

Looking for health and diet advice for active people without all the BS? Then you need to be following Jessica!


Jacquelyn King

The positivity of this page will keep you coming back! On top of that, who doesn’t love good food posts.

Fit Couple Idaho

If you are looking for strongman, powerlifting, or bodybuilding content you absolutely need to check out this page!

Maria G Fit

If you have any interest in flexible dieting than you should be following Maria! Some of you may have seen her on our Instagram Live. She posts great content on diet and health in a way that anyone can implement her tips.

Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin talks motivation, supplements, and health and longevity.

Chris Bumstead

Jenna Conroy

Nutrition, funny videos, and fitness content that is attention grabbing and unique! Jenna’s page is absolutely worth checking out.

Fit From Home

If you are looking for some great at home workouts, fit from home delivers! Want to learn how to progress in calisthenics? This is a page you absolutely need to be following.

Trainer Mike

One thing that I appreciate in fitness profiles is someone who is sharing knowledge, not just posting selfies. Trainer Mike does a great job spreading fitness, diet, and supplement information on his Instagram account.

Team Flex Aesthetics

Team Flex Aesthetics is fantastic if you plan on getting on the bodybuilding stage at some point. It mainly features inspiring before and after shots, however, Brian is a wealth of training knowledge as well.

Shyla LaRue Fitness

Shyla LaRue specializes in training women over 40 and offers great insight into motivation, overcoming obstacles like PTSD, and more!

Must Follow Gym Meme Pages

Jeff isn’t exactly gym memes… but close enough!

Do You Have Other Top Fitness Accounts on Instagram You’d Recommend?

Let me know! I have no problem checking them out and including them!

(Of course I have to include my own account!)

Why Follow These Accounts?

Following fitness accounts on social media can be a great way to stay motivated and engaged in your fitness journey. Here are some ways in which following them can help:

  1. Inspiration and Motivation: Seeing other people’s fitness journeys, progress photos, and motivational quotes can inspire and motivate you to continue working towards your fitness goals.
  2. Workout Ideas: These accounts often share workout routines, exercises, and fitness challenges that you can try. These can help you switch up your workouts and keep them interesting.
  3. Nutrition Tips: Many accounts like these also share healthy recipes and nutrition tips that can help you make better food choices and stay on track with your diet.
  4. Accountability: By following these accounts, you can hold yourself accountable for your own goals. When you see others working towards their goals, it can remind you to stay committed to yours.
  5. Community: Fitness influencers can create a sense of community among like-minded individuals who are all working towards their fitness goals. You can connect with others, share your progress, and get support and encouragement from others on the same journey.

Overall, following fitness accounts can help make working out more engaging and enjoyable, while providing you with valuable information, inspiration, and motivation along the way.

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In 2013 I attended TVCC with my studies focusing on nutrition and biology. After leaving TVCC I pursued a career in inbound marketing and have worked in many different industries including health and fitness, firearms, coaching, and many more. I spent 6 years training for powerlifting and 6 years after training for a bodybuilding show in Idaho, which sadly did not come to fruition.

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