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Free Workout Plans

Are you looking for weight loss, strength gains, more muscle mass, or simply to switch things up? One of these free workout plans can help you reach your fitness goals. These workout programs range from at-home bodyweight exercises to advanced training techniques.

Free workout plans for all training levels.

How to Build a Big Back – Your Guide To Becoming a Barn Door

Having a well-developed, muscular back is one of the foundations of a strong, aesthetically pleasing physique. A wider, thicker back creates the coveted V-taper by providing a solid base that tapers up to broad shoulders. Plus, bigger back muscles improve posture and strength for lifts like the deadlift and squat. This comprehensive guide will teach…

Smolov Calculator – The Full Program

Use this easy calculator to see exactly how much to lift on what days of the full Smolov Squat Program. You can learn more about the program here. This is a 13 week program. If you want something shorter, the Smolov Jr. routine might be better. Use the Smolov Jr. Calculator here. Just plug in…

The Origins and Effectiveness of the Legendary Hatch Squat Program

Have you heard whispers in the iron temple about the legendary Hatch squat program? Do you want tree trunk legs capable of crushing boulders into dust? Well buckle up! We’re about to dive into the program. We’ll talk about the origins, methodology, and muscle-building effectiveness of this iconic squat cycle. We will even discuss the…

Unlocking the Secrets of Stan Efferding: A Roadmap to Muscle Growth

Look no further if you’re seeking inspiration and insights to supercharge your gym results. Stan Efferding, the powerhouse in strength and bodybuilding, is your go-to guide. Let’s dive into the life, wisdom, and strategies of the one and only Stan “The Rhino” Efferding. The Stan Efferding Story: Powerlifting Was Only The Beginning Stan Efferding is…

The Complete Guide to the Westside Barbell Program

The Westside Barbell Program has become one of the most influential strength and conditioning programs in the world. Louie Simmons created Westside after years of research. It has set 140+ world records and helped lifters lift over 3000 lbs. Originally for powerlifters, Westside principles are now used in various strength sports and mainstream athletics with…

The Complete Guide to the Brutal Yet Effective Smolov Squat Program

The Smolov squat program is an intense, demanding, and highly effective squat routine explicitly designed to help intermediate and advanced lifters build tremendous lower body strength and muscle mass quickly. Created by Russian powerlifting mastermind Sergey Smolov in the 1980s, the Smolov squat routine is a 13-week program divided into multiple phases: The main goals of Smolov are to: The program involves very heavy training loads,…

The Texas Method: A Guide to Continuous Strength Progress

Are you an intermediate lifter looking for a program to break through plateaus and continuously improve your strength? If so, the Texas Method might be the answer you’ve been searching for. In this guide, we’ll explore the Texas Method, its principles, and how to implement it effectively to achieve your strength goals. Introduction to the…

Unlocking the Power of Low Weight, High Reps

When it comes to your fitness journey, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But if you want to boost your strength, build endurance, and sculpt those muscles, it might be time to explore the world of low-weight, high-rep exercise programs. They offer unique benefits that can help you achieve your fitness goals effectively. Keep reading to dive…

Elevate Your Squat Strength with the Russian Squat Program

Are you looking to level up your squat game and build lower body strength that turns heads? If so, the Russian Squat Program might be your ticket to success. This comprehensive guide will explain how this program works, who it’s suitable for, and what you can expect from it. Let’s dive in! Understanding the Russian…

Unlocking the Secret to a Bubble Butt: Your Comprehensive Guide

You’re not alone if you’re trying to sculpt a head-turning bubble butt. A well-defined derrière is aesthetically pleasing and a sign of strength and power. Let’s dive into the world of glute gains and discover how you can get a bubble butt through targeted workouts and intelligent strategies. Understanding the Anatomy Let’s get acquainted with…

The Simple Muscle Building Workout Plan: Get Results!

Are you ready to embark on the journey of building muscle? Fantastic! Building muscle is a commitment that requires consistent strength training over an extended period. While there are no shortcuts, you can optimize your progress with the proper nutrition and workouts. If you want to make the most of your time at the gym,…

First Day In The Gym Workout: An Easy 30-Day Guide

This first day in the gym workout guide helps you start weight training in one month with steady steps. It tells you what to do before day one and until day 30. By day 30, you’ll aim to learn seven exercises and do workouts with two sets of 10 reps for various exercises. If you…

About The Half Murph or Mini Murph

Are you seeking a challenging and rewarding workout that will push you to your limits? If so, you might want to try the Half Murph. What Is a Half Murph? This workout is a scaled-down version of the full Murph. This popular CrossFit workout was created to honor the memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy,…

The Ultimate 4-Week Glute Workout Routine

If you’re looking for a way to get a bigger butt, you’ve come to the right place! Growing your glutes takes dedication, hard work, and the right plan. This four-week glute workout plan is designed to help you build strength, increase your booty size, and give you the curves you’ve always wanted. With the right…

PPL Workout Routines Guide + Workout

Are you tired of your current workout routine and looking for something new to spice things up? Look no further than the push, pull, legs (PPL) workout routine!  This popular workout split has gained a lot of attention in the fitness community for its effectiveness in building muscle and increasing strength.  In this article, we’ll…

7-Day Gym Workout Plan and How to Get The Most Out of it

Are you hooked on lifting weights and working out? Do you want to train every day of the week?  Then let me give you some insight on whether or not a 7-day workout plan is an effective way to build long-term muscle and strength. Read on to find out! Challenging yourself with 7 days of…

Review of the PHAT Workout by Layne Norton + The Workout

Are you seeking a workout program combining strength and hypertrophy training to maximize your gains? Look no further than the PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) workout.  This workout program has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts for its unique structure and ability to promote muscle growth and strength gains. But is the hype justified?  In this…

Grow Your Chest and Triceps with This Workout!

Do you want to build bigger, stronger chest and tricep muscles? Of course you do!  Building bigger and stronger muscles requires dedication and commitment, but with the right exercises and workout plan, you can start seeing results quickly.  This chest and tricep workout will help you build an impressive physique and give you the confidence…

The Smolov Jr. Bench Program: Increasing Your Max Bench

Are you looking for a way to increase your max bench press? If so, the Smolov Jr. bench program may be just what you need.  This program is designed to help powerlifters increase their maximum bench press in just four weeks. With a combination of heavy lifting and proper rest and recovery, you can make…

How to Build Upper Body Strength using Calisthenics

Many people think the gym is the only way to get strong, but they’re missing out on the benefits of calisthenics! Not only does it target multiple muscles at the same time, but it also helps to build upper body strength more effectively than traditional exercises like bench presses, bicep curls, and shoulder shrugs. So…

Free 5-Day Workout Plan

Have you been going to the gym three or four days a week, and now you’re ready to take things to the next level? Here is an excellent free 5-day workout plan that promises to get you looking like you actually lift! Free 5-Day Workout Plan This workout plan is a body part split where…

Mastering the 13.1 Half-Marathon: Your Comprehensive Workout Plan

The half-marathon, often referred to as the 13.1, is a sweet spot in running. It’s not a grueling full marathon, yet it’s more challenging than a 5K or 10K. Regardless of your skill level, conquering the 13.1 is noteworthy. The Road to 13.1: Why it Matters For newcomers, the 13.1 represents an exciting step up…

The Holiday Schedule Workout Plan

Originally posted on The Human Fit Project Yeah, we get it: you’ve got to live a little, enjoy a cheat meal or two, hell, maybe even a couple of drinks. Finding that balance, they say. But the truth is that if a lean physique is your number one priority, you’d better believe that back-to-back binge…

The 3-Day Detox Workout Plan for Party Recovery

This workout was originally posted by The Human Fit Project The summer makes us all a little weird. It’s like full-blown party mode with Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July. Yet, these months can crack even the most dedicated fitness buffs.  Then again, some of us figure, if we train like a…

The Ultimate 8-Week Winter Bulk Up Workout Plan for Massive Gains

The winter months provide the perfect opportunity to commit to a bulk up phase focused on building muscle mass. Compared to beach season where many aim to get shredded, winter allows more flexibility with your nutrition and training, making it easier to pack on size. Bulking refers to purposely consuming a caloric surplus in order to maximize muscle growth.…

The 6-Week Spring Trim-up Workout Plan

This workout was originally posted by The Human Fit Project. We all gain a little extra weight in the winter. It’s cold, so we’re layered up in clothes and worrying a little less about what’s underneath. We’re getting less sun, leaving us a bit deprived of mood-boosting vitamin-d to jump us out of bed. And…

The 2-Week Big Friggin’ Arms Workout Plan

This workout plan was originally created by The Human Fit Project. Vanity muscles. Beach muscles. That’s the biceps and triceps all day. While they play an essential functional role in pulling and pushing stuff, there’s no denying this is a fun little vanity project. OK, now that the guilty plea is out of the way,…

The Compound Plan: Workouts Built Around The Big Lifts

This workout plan originally posted by The Human Fit Project. Aka: the model body workout plan. Everyone has snapped a few shots, only later to go back and delete a bunch of them. “My eyes are closed.” “I’m not standing up straight.” “Do my arms look like that?” “Does my stomach look like that, too?!”…

The True Beginner Workout Plan

This full program can also be found at The Human Fit Project. If you haven’t worked out in a while or never picked up a dumbbell before in your life, this is a great place to begin. It’s a slow start, but you’ll progress quickly. You can add more sets to strength exercises or more…

Beginner or Transition Time Workout Plan

If you are new to lifting or are needing a workout program to follow between strength or hypertrophy cycles, this plan may be exactly what you need! This workout can also be found at The Human Fit Project. This plan is not affected by your level of fitness. While it was initially created as a…

6-Week Hybrid Workout Plan For Aesthetics, Strength, and Mobility

If you are an intermediate lifter trying to get into better physical shape for your life, this hybrid workout plan may be for you! The Hybrid Workout Plan is a 6-week training program Inspired by The Human Fit Project. The Agenda of This 6-week Hybrid Workout Plan It’s simple: get in even better shape. It…

The 5/3/1 Workout Program: Increase Your 1RM

Are you a beginner or intermediate lifter struggling to increase your 1RM? Then, the 5/3/1 workout program may be what you need to start hitting your strength goals! Keep reading to learn more about the 5/3/1 workout program. The 5/3/1 Method Training Cycle The 5/3/1 workout program is a four-week training cycle that requires four…

Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training: PHAT by Layne Norton

As a natural bodybuilder, putting on size can be difficult. However, few know more about doing that than Layne Norton. His power hypertrophy adaptive training program will absolutely add size to your frame! Read the original article here or jump to the program! This content shared from Simply Shredded. PHAT: Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training There are…

Madcow 5×5: Graduating From Stronglifts 5×5

If you’ve been doing Stronglifts and it’s not giving you the results you want any more, Madcow 5×5 can help you step up your game! Madcow 5×5 is a workout plan for getting stronger. It’s the next step if you’ve been doing Stronglifts but need more challenge. You perform exercises like squats, bench presses, and…

Easy 20-minute HIIT Workouts You Can do at Home

Do you need a quick workout that you can easily do at home without any equipment? Then, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) might be exactly what you need! Below are a few 20-minute HIIT workout options to try out! Three 20-Minute HIIT Workouts to Try After the workouts, I will share some of the benefits of…

Complete 12 Week Fat Loss Workout and Diet

Nearly half of all adults attempt to lose weight each year. However, weight loss can be hard to achieve without the right tools. This fat loss workout and diet will show you exactly what to do to get leaner over the next 12 weeks. Keep reading for the diet and program. 12 Week Fat Loss…

Revenge Bod Core H.I.I.T. Workout by Adapted Fitness

Need a quick and effective core workout you can do from home? Adapted Fitness has the answer! Keep reading for their full H.I.I.T. core workout! Program Introduction The Revenge Bod Core program is designed by Adapted Fitness to use short-but-effective workouts to boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass. This program is perfect for…

Six Simple, Full-Body Beginner Bodybuilding Routines

Looking to get started in bodybuilding but don’t know where to start? Here are some simple, full-body routines to get started. Each beginner bodybuilding routine is from the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. As long as you are progressively increasing the weight on these try switching between a few of them during the week. For example: Monday-…

German Volume Training: A Guide to Getting Started

German volume training or GVT is a common way to pack on some serious size. It has been used by lifters for years to increase training volume and intensity. Looking to learn more about German volume training, or perhaps find a training plan? This article is for you! German volume training is primarily known in…

Bodybuilding Routine for Mass: Free Program

Looking for an incredibly effective bodybuilding routine for mass? This bodybuilding routine will pack mass on you for sure if you can get in the calories! Included are some tips to help you hit your mass gaining goals as well. It is important with any bodybuilding routine for mass to try and keep weights progressing…

Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT) Workout Plan

If you are an experienced lifter in a training rut and you haven’t tried reverse pyramid training yet you have been missing out! Reverse pyramid training is a great way to change up your workouts, get some fresh results, and shorten workout times. It builds strength and muscle and gets you out of the gym…

StrongLifts 5×5: Getting Started in the Gym

Medhi’s StrongLifts 5×5 workout program is a great place to start if you are just getting into the gym. It’s also great for intermediate lifters. Primarily those still trying to maximize strength training or build muscle. It provides fast linear strength gains as well as the ability to lose fat or build muscle based on…

5 Day Split Workout: Your Ultimate Bodybuilding Guide

The split workout routine has long been a staple of the fitness community, especially for bodybuilders. They give you the ability to focus on a specific muscle group for an entire training session. If you are looking for a place to start here is a program you can use, and what you need to know…

3 Day Beginner Workout Routine by AllPro

This is a simple beginner workout initially created by AllPro. In this exercise program, you will complete three workouts per week on non-consecutive days. For example- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This three-day workout routine was designed to facilitate hypertrophy and strength through linear periodization. Rep counts will be increased every week for five weeks, then…

Free Training Plans Information

shot of a workout plan

Strength training is one of the best ways to build muscle, lose body fat, and achieve better health. That is why Doug Grows is dedicated to providing our community with free workout plans and health and fitness advice. So, whether you are new to strength training or a seasoned veteran in muscle growth, this site should have something for you.

What is The Best Gym Routine?

There isn’t a “best” gym routine. But, the best routine for you is one you enjoy that works with your schedule. This will make it far easier to stay consistent. Consistency and progressing intensity or volume will always lead to the best results.

Many excellent workout regimens exist to build muscle, shed fat, or increase strength. You can achieve your unique body composition goals with similar workouts. The primary change will need to be varying nutritional principles. But, those looking for strength gains should concentrate on programs focused on specificity.

Training with volume will change your body composition. But, if your goals are strength related, you will need to find a program that is strength specific.

What Muscles Should be Trained on What Days?

Assuming body part splits are part of the question: how you split your days likely won’t matter. But you do need to work every body part throughout the week. At least if you want decent results.

You might get better results by splitting up similar days. For example: don’t work chest immediately after shoulders. But it won’t be a massive problem if you do, depending on your overall strength.

Not sure how to maximize your workout results? Try pairing muscle groups on certain days! Full-body, upper/lower, push/pull, and push/pull/legs workouts are all great options. Each one can help optimize your training.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which days you choose to work out each week. The key is consistency and gradually increasing the weight used for each exercise.

What Should a Beginner Do in the Gym?

As a beginner, the best way to get your gym journey started on the right foot is with the help of a trained professional. Learning the proper form of each exercise will help you practice the basics. It will also build a strong foundation. Both of these will keep you injury-free throughout your lifting journey!

If you can’t afford a personal trainer, proceed with working out with caution. But, it’s important to still focus on the basics. Start out with lighter weights on compound movements. Then record yourself doing the exercises so you can track your progress. You only know how far you can go once you challenge yourself!

Master your form and then take it up a notch! Compare your exercise recordings to examples of proper form. Check how you’re moving and progress by improving your form or adding weight.

What is the Best Workout for Beginners?

The best workout routine for beginners depends on what they feel confident doing. It should also take into account their knowledge of performing the exercises.

Their ultimate goal will play a huge role as well.

Generally, beginners can start off performing anywhere between 2-4 workouts per week. These workouts should be either full-body or upper/lower workouts.

The workouts should focus on perfecting ideal movement patterns of the fundamental movements. Several of the beginner workout routines on Doug Grows can provide a template to get started.

How Much Weight Should a Beginner Lift?

Everyone’s fitness journey is different, and so is the weight they should use for each exercise. Depending on your program, you may need to adjust your weight from set to set. So keep testing and find the weight that’s right for you!

Push your boundaries! Aim for challenging sets that make you work to the point of near failure. This is the best way to maximize your training intensity.

For compound exercises, aim to finish each set feeling like you could’ve performed 1-3 more reps.

For isolation exercises, you can push yourself closer to true failure.

How Much Cardio for a Beginner?

Not sure how much cardio to do? Consider this: more strength and muscle will produce a better body composition. They are more efficient in the long term than cardio. But, of course, it all depends on your goal.

If you’re looking to stay healthy, light cardio can make a world of difference. Regular walking helps maintain healthy body composition, recover faster, and decrease stress. So try it out and see the positive impact on your life!

But, if you are looking to lose even more body fat, add more cardio to your weekly training to increase progress. The focus should be on your diet if you want to lose body fat.

Often, people buy into cardio being necessary for body composition. However, it’s more important for health purposes than anything else.

How to Build Muscle as a Beginner

Ready to build your strength and show off some gains? Get started by training consistently. Hit each muscle group at least two times weekly. Use an appropriate volume and weight for your abilities. Then, as you progress, increase the weight from workout to workout for maximum results!

Be consistent. Train hard. Progress the weight. Don’t neglect your diet!

It takes time and effort, but the process itself is pretty simple.

What’s the Best Workout Schedule to Build Muscles?

Want to build muscle? Find a workout schedule you love and can stick with. Then, aim for a higher training frequency to maximize muscle growth. Hit each muscle group directly or indirectly 2-3 times a week.

Some great splits are full-body, upper/lower, push/pull, and push/pull/legs workouts.

What are the Best Exercises?

Exercise selection can be tricky – what works for one person might not work for another. Keep your abilities and goals in mind to choose the right exercises for you. Then, if it hurts, take a step back and find an alternative. With the right exercise, you’ll be on the path to achieving your goals in no time!

But, there are important movement patterns that everyone who is capable should train.

The following exercises and their variations are highly recommended in your workouts.

  1. Deadlift
  2. Squat
  3. Row
  4. Bench
  5. Overhead Press
  6. Pull Up
  7. Dip
  8. Lunge

How to Schedule Your Workouts

Planning workouts is all about picking workout routines that are convenient and enjoyable. Unfortunately, there’s no single solution to setting up exercise programs. It’s highly individualized from person to person.

If you only have 2 days for the gym, a full-body workout is your best bet. With 3 days, you can go for either full-body or the classic push/pull/legs split. Got more days in the week? Try different splits and see which one works best for you!

Begin by figuring out the number of days and which days you can usually make it to the gym. Then, arrange your workouts on those days. Lastly, look for a workout that only requires that training frequency.

Next, look for something where if you miss a training day, you can easily make up for it. Use a routine that trains that muscle more than once a week. That way, you won’t fall behind on your progress!

How Many Days Per Week to Work Out

The more important question is, how many days a week are available to work out? Then, how many will you work out?

Generally, seeing results requires 2-4 workouts per week. 3-4 sessions each week seems to be the perfect amount. Of course, you can lift more frequently, depending on your experience and goals. Still, you need at least 2 days of resistance training to see muscle growth.

As a result, doing full-body exercises 2-3 training days weekly or upper/lower workouts 4 days weekly is advantageous. This will permit you to train with an ideal frequency to build or maintain lean muscle mass.

What is the Best 5-Day Workout Routine?

The optimal 5-day workout routine is an upper/lower or push/pull/legs workout. Rotate through the routine each time you go to the gym. You could also follow one of these with a “weaknesses” day as your fifth training day.

Try avoiding the traditional body part split. They won’t provide beginners or intermediate lifters optimum results. However, they can still be useful if you work out for pure enjoyment.

Can You Build 10 Pounds of Muscle in One Month?

You can gain 10 pounds in one month. However, you can’t naturally gain 10 pounds of pure muscle in a month.

10 pounds in a month is possible during a lean bulking phase, especially for beginners. This is because the muscle will grow quickly. If you’re coming off a fat-loss phase, these early gains will be from glycogen replenishing.

It’s better to take a slower approach if your goal is to gain lean muscle.

Workout Plan Sources

The plans in this section are not all created by trainers associated with Doug Grows. But, each free workout plan and diet will get you the results you are after if followed correctly.

Don’t expect to get the same results from a strength training program if you swap barbell bench press out for dumbbells. The dumbbell bench press will still get you results, but not the results the program was designed for.

Each free workout plan available has been created by a qualified expert. Each plan is built with a specific goal in mind. But don’t hesitate to take and make any of the plans your own!

How to Get Results with These Workout Plans

It is important to remember that any decent workout routine should deliver results. Still, consistency is the most critical part of getting the desired results. Weight loss, increased muscle mass, and strength gains take time and dedication to achieve through diet and exercise.

The free workout plans and diets here are just tools to help you reach your goals faster than you may have on your own. However, if you have extreme goals or a specific timeline, it is still highly recommended that you seek specialized coaching. This coaching can provide you with a workout routine specific to you.

Should You Lift Every Day?

Depending on what you do and how you arrange your workout, you can. Nevertheless, weightlifting every day of the week is entirely unnecessary. Additionally, working out with high intensity every day of the week will quickly lead to burnout and injury.

Stop chasing trendy workouts and start tracking progressions! Find a good 3-5 day per week training program that is well planned with an appropriate volume and split and stick to it. As you execute the program, aim to improve your lifts somehow. Dedication to this approach will pay off in the long run!

Diet and Nutrition

When following a workout routine intended to build muscle, it’s essential to consume a caloric surplus. You must eat more food than you would to maintain body weight and get enough water and rest. Supplements that help you build muscle can be found under the SHOP UXO section. Remember, supplements are only meant to help you reach your goal. They will not do more for you than a good workout routine, proper nutrition, and recovery.

A workout routine meant to burn fat will not outwork a poor diet. If you are looking for additional supplementation to help burn fat, you can also find those under SHOP UXO. When trying to lose body fat, remember to consume enough water and get enough rest for your body to properly recover.

Rest and Recovery

woman asleep on cardio equipment

When following training plans, remember to use the rest days to your advantage. These days are programmed explicitly to help your body recover. Strength training can be very taxing on the body, and rest is integral to reaching your goals.

Muscle growth occurs while you are resting, not when you are training. Even with bodyweight exercises, overdoing it will lead to muscle loss rather than muscle gains. If you need to be in the gym on the rest days, focus on active recovery techniques such as stretching and light cardio.

Remember to get that sleep in too! Your body isn’t fully recovering if you aren’t getting in the necessary hours.

Free Workout Plans for Women

Men or women can each use the workout routines on this site to achieve results. There is nothing that makes a workout routine inherently for men or for women. However, if you want to grow a specific muscle group, try the search at the top of the page.

That said, some of these workout plans are built for results that are typically desirable to women. Those workouts can be found in the Workouts for Women section at the top of the page.

Free Workout Plans for Men

Men or women can use each workout routine on this site to achieve results. There is nothing that makes a workout routine inherently for men or for women. However, if you want to grow a specific muscle group, try the search at the top of the page.

That said, some of these plans are built for results that are typically desirable to men. Those workouts can be found in the Workouts for Men section at the top of the page.

Workout Plans for Men to Build Muscle

Muscle gain comes primarily from increasing the stress you put your muscles under and the calories you consume. Many of these programs are aimed at gaining muscle, but make sure you eat enough to actually gain!

Workout Selection Tips

Need help picking the right workout routine? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Check out our top 7 tips for selecting a workout to help you reach your goals.

  1. Pick a workout routine that’s tailored to you. Don’t make the mistake of starting with a plan that’s too advanced – it’ll slow your progress! If you’re a newbie, find a beginner workout, and you’ll start seeing results fast.
  2. What’s your goal? Building muscle? Losing fat? Improving sports performance? Increasing endurance? Before selecting a workout routine, you must understand what you want to achieve. Pursuing more than one is tricky unless you’re a beginner or taking steroids. Knowing your top goal will help you find the right plan and get the best results. So take a moment to think about what you want and ensure you’re on the right track to get those specific results.
  3. Reflect on your lifestyle and choose a workout that fits. Don’t attempt to squeeze a 5-6 day workout regimen into your already hectic lifestyle. You will miss days, not recover adequately, and eventually fail. You would have been better off with a training program that just requires 3 days at the gym. Consider how much time you can realistically dedicate to exercising.
  4. If you want the best results, find a workout routine you can commit to. Many training plans are designed for a specific period of time, such as 8-10 weeks. But only sticking with the routine for half that time won’t get you the results you want. With periodization routines, the workload gradually increases as you progress. So, choose a routine that’s within your abilities and stay consistent for optimal results!
  5. Before you select a workout plan, get to know your body type! Most newcomers don’t grasp how body types affect outcomes. For example, a 6’2″ thin man may get different results from the same workout than a 5’5″ hefty man. To make the most of your results, you must understand your body type and the training you should use to get the desired results.
  6. Set reasonable goals. We all know those magazine covers and fitness models on social media – don’t expect to get those results within the first 3 months! If you aim too high, chances are you’ll lose motivation and give up. Fitness takes time and dedication – many of these people have been training for more than 10 years, and it’s their full-time job. Set small benchmarks for improving your physique, and don’t compare yourself to others.
  7. Need help staying motivated? Working out with a buddy could be the answer. Choose someone slightly better than you, so you can push each other to get the most out of your workouts. It’s a great way to have fun and stay motivated, plus you can help each other to reach your goals faster.

What good is a workout plan without proper nutrition? Remember, your diet is even more important than your exercise routine. Use our BMR calculator to determine your daily calorie needs, then find the right diet plan and healthy recipes to fuel your goals. With the right nutrition, you’ll be on the path to success!

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