Workout Plans

Whether you are looking for weight loss, strength gains, more muscle mass, or simply to switch things up, one of these free workout plans can help you reach your goal. These workout programs range from at home bodyweight exercises up to advanced training techniques that require specialized gym equipment.

Free workout plans for all training levels.

3 Day Beginner Workout Routine by AllPro

This is a simple beginners full-body, bodybuilding routine originally created by AllPro. In this full body beginner workout you will complete three workouts per week on non-consecutive days. For example- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This three day workout routine was designed to facilitate hypertrophy and strength through linear periodization. Rep counts will be increased everyContinue Reading

Custom Workout Plans

Sometimes it takes more than a workout template to reach your fitness goals. If you are interested in custom plans or custom coaching just click the button below!

Workout Plan Information

Strength training is one of the best ways to build muscle, lose bodyfat, and achieve overall better health levels. That is why Doug Grows is dedicated to providing workout routines and health and fitness advice to people who are seeking it out. So, whether you are new to strength training or a seasoned veteran in the arena of muscle growth, this site should have something for you.

Workout Plan Sources

The workout routines in this section are not all created by trainers associated with Doug Grows. However, they are all well trusted to get you the results you are after if followed correctly. For example: you should not necessarily expect to get the same results from a strength training program if you substitute barbell bench press out for dumbbell bench press. Dumbbell bench press will still get you results in its place, just not the results the program was designed for. 

Each workout routine available here has been created by, at minimum, a certified personal trainer, with a specific goal in mind. However, don’t hesitate to take and make any workout plan your own!

How to Get Results

It is important to remember that any decent workout routine should deliver results, but consistency is the most important part to getting the results that you want. Weight loss, increased muscle mass, and strength gains all take time and dedication to achieve through diet and exercise. The workout routines here are just a tool to help you reach your goals faster than you may have on your own. If you have extreme goals or a specific timeline it is still highly recommended that you seek out specialized coaching that can provide you with a workout routine specific to you.

Diet and Nutrition

In general, when following a workout routine that is intended specifically to build muscle, it is important to be in a caloric surplus (eat more food than you would to maintain bodyweight) and get enough water and rest. Supplements that can help you build muscle can be found under the SHOP UXO section. Remember, supplements are only meant to help you reach your goal. They are not going to do more for you than a good workout routine, proper nutrition, and recovery.

A workout routine that is meant to burn fat will not outwork poor diet. If you are looking for additional supplementation to help you burn fat, you can find those under SHOP UXO as well. When trying to lose body fat remember to consume enough water and get enough rest for your body to properly recover.

Rest and Recover

When following a workout routine remember to use the rest days to your advantage, these days are specifically programmed in to help your body recover. Strength training can be very taxing on the body and rest is an important part of reaching your goals. Muscle growth occurs while you are resting, not when you are training, and even with bodyweight exercises, overdoing it will lead to muscle loss rather than muscle gains. If you feel that you need to be in the gym on the rest days focus on active recovery such as stretching and light cardio.

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