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About Doug Grows

Doug Grows is a resource for all gym goers, those concerned with health, and personal trainers trying to expand online.

Fitness Resources

The goal of Doug Grows is to provide free health and fitness resources to those who cannot justify spending money on them and offer direction to those that can.

Quality Content

All of the articles, training plans, and products that are offered on this site are backed by science and well trusted so you can rest assured you are getting the best.

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All of the content and programs are free on this site so we had to fund it somehow! Check out our shop to help us keep everything else free!

Additional Information About Doug Grows

Doug Grows was created to provide gym goers with one single location pulling together all the best training, diet, and supplement information available online. No gimmicks, no fads, just proven data. If it works it will be on Doug Grows.

The free training programs here are either tried, true and readily available elsewhere online or created specifically by professional trainers for this website. There are no gimmick or influencer workouts here. We know you want results and our training programs will deliver them.

We are very careful to cite sources so you can know that any advice is coming from a credible expert. (Don’t believe it? Just click one of the red highlighted links in one of the articles). We don’t want to put bad training or diet information out just as badly as you don’t want to read it.

About Our Values

1) Our job is to provide the absolute best in health and fitness products and information to help individuals reach their goals, regardless of what those goals are.

2) A commitment to our readers and our customers to provide them what they need to improve their lifestyle.

3) Integrity in everything that we do. We do not want to be part of the dark side of this industry, rather we want to shine a light on it and give people hope that there are organizations out in the fitness industry who care more about the customers than a profit.

Privacy Policy can be found here.

Why Personal Trainers or Those Wanting Results Should Use Doug Grows

Should you use Doug Grows?

Do you ever have a project or a goal that you start to question after you have put a crazy amount of effort into it. Why are you doing it? Do you even care if you get the results you originally wanted?

I was sitting here today thinking about Doug Grows. I had this plan to create a resource that people could use to answer their health and fitness questions. I know that there are others on the internet, but I wanted one that felt like home to me, with the hope that others would find it and feel at home too.

I also wanted a place that personal trainers who were struggling could take advantage of my marketing experience to grow their own businesses without having to drop massive amounts of money to marketing agencies.

Now I sit here at my computer wondering why I am putting so much effort into something like this.

See, about ten months ago I dropped out of the gym. I had moved, the company I helped build had sold, I wasn’t finding the type of work I wanted, and I thought taking “a few weeks off” from the gym would help me. Don’t get me wrong, it did, but not in the way I thought it would.

Taking that time off allowed me to ask myself question about the things I was doing. Why was I working so hard in the gym? Why was I trying so hard to find a position like I had at the last company? And now, why am I still putting so much effort into this resource?

I’m not going to bore you with my answers, but I have been back in the gym consistently for a month. I am working in a field that I have never worked in before and I love it.

However, I was still questioning Doug Grows. Truthfully, this is a stream of consciousness as I still work through that question.

Here are my thoughts.

For The People Like me

When I was growing up, my family didn’t believe in the gym the way that I do now. My mom and her family love running. My dad was a serial entrepreneur in tech, but most of his family were farmers. They didn’t care about the gym.

My dad always said that if I wanted to work out I should get out and work on the farm more. I did, but that isn’t what I wanted.

My mom supported my goals, but didn’t have the knowledge to help me reach them.

Additionally, I lived in a small town that did not have the type of gym I needed. I didn’t want to use a few dumbbells or run on a treadmill. I wanted to gain muscle!

See, I weighed less than 100 pounds in high school. I WAS SMALL. But, I was hungry to get huge. I saw the guys on the covers of bodybuilding magazines and I wanted to be like them.

P90X was getting a lot of traction at the time and I thought, maybe this will get me where I need to be. No luck. I got shredded, but not big.

Then I got a weight set. My bedroom was my bed, my dresser, a desk, and a Weider weight set that barely fit in the room. I benched and did some variation of curls almost EVERY DAY! But, I still was not getting bigger and stronger.

The problem was, I didn’t have the knowledge I needed to reach my goals or the resources to point me in the right direction.

Finally, one day, I found Bodybuilding.com. I read their articles every day. I learned about diet, I learned about weights and progressive overload. I had notebooks FULL of all the knowledge I thought I could use.

When I left home I started buying my own food and going to the gym at the college. I gained around 60 lbs! Was I as lean as I was when I started? Absolutely not, but I was getting bigger and stronger. Finally!

I started taking all of the classes on nutrition and anatomy that I could and I spent HOURS in the gym. I was absorbing every bit of knowledge that I could. I was finally getting help from people that knew exactly what I was looking for AND could help me achieve it.

That is the primary reason I made Doug Grows. Honestly, getting caught up in trying to grow it, I lost some sight of that. I want people to come here when they want to learn how to achieve goals that not everyone wants to achieve. That is the content I hope to deliver to everyone on this website and I plan to continue working hard helping people do so.

However, I also decided I wanted to become a personal trainer while I was in college. I started teaching people what I was learning and taking people to the gym with me. I did that for a couple years before I learned that was not how I wanted to spend my time. But, I still wanted to deliver that knowledge or help other good trainers do so.

That is the reason for the other side of Doug Grows.

For The Personal Trainers

I have no interest in training people, but, I do still have a passion for helping people who want to see results. I also had a great network of trainers that were my friends or that I had worked with during my years in the gym.

After many years in marketing, I realized that most of these trainers, although they had a passion to help people just like I did, they were not marketers. They didn’t have the time, knowledge, and resources to reach all of the clients they could help.

This realization was the driving factor for the personal trainer marketing services that Doug Grows offers. I don’t push training, I don’t sell leads to personal trainers. However, I do help personal trainers get in front of audiences that they can help that they wouldn’t be able to reach without a massive time and resource commitment.

That commitment would be just for them to LEARN WHAT I ALREADY KNOW! Which is insanity, they are good at what they do, so why should they have to take on this beast that is online marketing? I wanted to pass my knowledge directly to the trainers.

So, what I do for trainers is a little different from paid marketing agencies. I give them the exact framework they need to have in place to scale their business at no cost. I already have the framework, I like meeting and working with people, so I get to meet other great trainers in the process and they get to grow!

Is my way to only way? Absolutely not! But, it works, it helps trainers, and it helps the people on this website.

How I Bring Trainer Knowledge and People Who Need Help Together

I don’t work for the trainers, I help them. I don’t work for people who need help reaching their goals, I give them the tools to reach them.

What is unique about Doug Grows is the way it helps people reach their goals. As a personal trainer, you need more people to know about you in order to acquire new clients. As an individual trying to reach your goal, you need the knowledge they have.

I allow personal trainers to take that marketing framework and use it, but I also will spread their content to my audience. Connecting the two pieces in a way that can benefit both parties regardless of their resources. If you have internet then you can find answers here. If you have an email, you can have help sent directly to your inbox.

Why Should You Use Doug Grows?

You shouldn’t use Doug Grows. Or rather, you don’t have to. Use the resource that will help you reach your goals most effectively with the tools and budget you have at your disposal.

It would just feel like a waste for me not to share the ones that I have with people who might need them.

So, if you are someone who needs free training programs or health and fitness advice to get started, you are welcome to use Doug Grows! If you are a personal trainer who has no idea how to get your business thriving, you are welcome to reach out for help!

Whatever resources you use, I truly want you to succeed!

Best, Doug Shoemaker

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