How to be Successful at the Gym and Everywhere Else

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Want to learn how to be successful at the gym? Here is a great place to start.

First off. What is success? Success looks different for everyone. And the same principles work for achieving it regardless of the area you are trying to achieve it in.

The short answer for fast results is collaboration. Networking. Connections. Whatever you want to call it. People who are in the place you want to be in will help you get there faster.

But even without that, success can still be achieved. Here is how you can be successful at the gym and everywhere else.

Understand Your Goal

Why do you want the thing that you want? On a scale of one to ten: how bad do you want it. What are you willing to give up to get there? Only you know this answer, but this answer should help you to determine how much of your energy goes into achieving the goal. That amount of energy will most likely determine how fast you are able to reach your desired results.

Start Working NOW

Whether you know what you need to do or not: start doing SOMETHING. All of the knowledge in the world won’t help you reach your goals in or out of the gym if you don’t do anything with it. I spent years doing the wrong things, but they still got me closer to my goal than I was when I started.

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Learn an easy way to start going to the gym if that is a struggle you currently face.

Here are some easy plans to get you started on the right foot!

Collaborate with Others 

Fast track all of these other tips with this one right here. Find the people who are where you want to be. Meet people who have the results you want and ask them questions, use their knowledge to get where they are. Struggling to meet these type of people? Hire a trainer who has demonstrated their ability to get people to the place you want to be. Don’t force yourself to learn something the hard way if there is someone who can tell you the answer right now.

My advice: Write down the 100 people who would be the perfect person to connect with to reach your goal. Now do whatever you can to form a genuine connection with them. Think about it this way- if you were trying to date someone how would you connect with them? Most likely you would interact in a way that is complimentary to them and gets them talking about themselves. You would provide value to them instead of immediately asking them for something. Do this with the list of people you have created.

Don’t forget to put me in that list! Okay, just kidding. Put the people you need in there, but it was worth a shot right?

Find Resources

Second to collaboration would be finding the resources of others who have achieved the results you are wanting. It doesn’t replace true interaction, but it will help you to leverage the knowledge of others. 

Look for websites (like mine) that can get you the diet, training, and other advice that you need.

Follow people on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or whatever social media you normally use to see what they are doing or have done to achieve the results you are wanting. I would still highly recommend trying to connect with these people to learn even more.

Learn from mistakes

There almost needs to be a step before this one that says “make mistakes” but you can avoid a lot of mistakes by learning from people who have already made them. If you can’t connect with others, start trying things. Document what works and what doesn’t, and then test what works even more.

I went through years of training before I learned what will actually get me the results that I wanted. A big part of this is because I did the research on my own, I tried so many different things. I did finally find what works for me, and then: I found a coach that got me far better results than I ever achieved on my own. He was able to tell me exactly what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be.

I did the same thing in my marketing role. I tried thousands of different tactics to see what works, and I did find what worked the best for me. Then I hired a coach, and he taught me how to do get even better results immediately.

My point is. You don’t have to learn from YOUR mistakes. You just have to learn from mistakes. 

Pro Tip: If you can’t afford a coach, https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=douggrows-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=340ed40425b770c1847779ac87affe87&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=books&keywords=fitness">Fitness booksfind a book or a guide. If you can’t afford a book or a guide, follow the people who are succeeding and study them.

Learning from those with experience is a quick hack to being successful in the gym

Take Notes

Now, you don’t have to physically take notes, but it does make things easier. Document your journey in some way or another. Pictures, videos, a notepad, whatever it is- keep track of what does work and what doesn’t. Do this for yourself and for the people that are going to ask you how you did it. It may sound like a pain in the ass, but trust me, you will thank yourself later!

Stay Committed

Finally: don’t give up. If you are looking into “how to be successful at the gym” then you clearly care about results. So just don’t give up on those goals!

 “It takes ten years to become an overnight success” –  The saying is usually credited to New York City-born entertainer Eddie Cantor but I like to say it came from Chris Webby‘s song “I Can Feel It.”

Real success takes real time, but small personal goals like weight loss or strength gain usually come much sooner. I’m willing to bet, like most, you will achieve your goal and already have a new goal ready. That’s fine, but don’t be discouraged by the timeframe!

Any time you feel discouraged look back to the reason for your goal. Don’t rely on the motivation of others. Rely on the motivation and drive within you to answer that deeper need that you have. This is how to be successful in the gym and everywhere else.

How to be Successful at the Gym and Everywhere Else

Success looks different to everyone. However, regardless of your definition, it takes the same recipe to achieve.

If you want to know how to be successful at the gym, or really anywhere, follow the advice above!

Looking for more advice? Leave a comment on the article or message me at the bottom of this page!

Now go get started!

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