How to Lower Your Calorie Intake- Easy Swaps in Your Daily Routine

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When it comes to maintaining a low-calorie diet, you might find it frustrating to avoid all your beloved foods in order to lose weight. However, you shouldn’t worry as all you have to do is to just swap some of your preferred foods with healthier options! No more sacrificing your cravings! Just read the article below to learn how to lower your calorie intake.

You may also find our Calorie Calculator interesting if you aren’t yet sure how many calories you need!

Otherwise, if you are just wondering how to lower your calorie intake to meet your current needs add these changes to your life and watch your extra pounds run away from you!

How to Lower Your Calorie Intake: Simple Food Swaps

  • Use Skinless Chicken Breast instead of chicken with skin;
  • Use Mustard sauce in place of other sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup, barbeque sauce, etc.;

There are also a large selection of hot sauces and other calorie free or low calorie options! Just check out your local food shopping center and check the labels. Chances are there are lower calorie alternatives to some of your favorites.

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  • Choose Greek yogurt over flavored and processed yogurts;
  • Eat Open burgers, cutting off even one slice of bread from your burger will not affect the taste but will definitely reduce calories from your meal;
  • Cook with Olive oil instead of other high-calorie oils;
  • Use Pan Spray in place of oils; it uses less oil and still does the job perfectly;
  • Cook Whole Wheat Pasta instead of white pasta. They are relatively high in fiber and contain more vitamins E and B;
  • Make a Red Sauce Pasta with peppers and tomatoes instead of white alfredo sauce;
  • Replace white sugar with Brown Sugar or Cinnamon Powder*. It tastes delicious and smells tempting at the same time;

*We assure you that you will fall in love with the scent of cinnamon powder sprinkled all over your food. 

  • Bake or boil things instead of frying them. It eliminates the amount of extra oil while keeping your calories in control.

We know it’s hard to make healthier eating choices when you’re out with friends. Here are some nutritious food swaps that will not let you down in front of anyone and still taste luscious.

  • In restaurants, look for Thin Crust Pizza;
  • Pick Fruit Juices instead of carbonated drinks;
  • Skip the sugar in your daily cappuccino or latte;
  • Grab Plain Popcorns instead of other crisp snacks from grocery stores;

You can also use calorie free calories from your diet. They can surely satisfy you and lead you towards your fitness goals without relinquishing your hunger.

Sweet Foods to Help Lower Calorie Intake While Curbing Sweet Cravings

Here are some additional candied yet healthy foods that you can eat whenever you get a sugar craving.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries

how to lower you calorie intake- replacing sweets with chocolate coated strawberries
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Just dip fresh strawberries in melted dark chocolate and voila! They’re ready to eat.

Yogurt parfait

You can add mixed fruits and juicy berries with Greek yogurt as well as other toppings like granola and nuts to double the taste.


Just mix your favorite fruits with ice and yogurt. Your fresh and flavored smoothie is ready!

Low-fat Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Peanut butter is the one of the healthiest, as well as the tastiest spread you can eat with bread. By adding other jelly or berries will enhance its richness and fullness. This is great with the Keto Bread mentioned above

Stuffed Baked apples

This deliciously sweet snack is very filling and will satisfy your cravings immediately. Stuff apples with ingredients you love, like nuts, oats, dark chocolate or low-fat peanut butter, put them in the oven, bake for a couple of minutes, and they are ready to eat.

One-ingredient banana ice cream

Homemade one ingredient banana ice cream is super easy and tasty. Just put some bananas into your freezer and make a puree of them. After that, freeze them again, and they’re ready to eat like they were bought straight from an ice cream parlor.

Moreover, you can try these palatable and appetizing snacks too without considering yourself a food criminal!

  • Almond date truffles;
  • Peanut butter and chocolate pretzels;
  • Blueberry muffins;
  • Chocolate milk ;
  • Kodiak Pancakes;
  • Frozen yogurt;
  • Protein bars.

Knowing how to lower your calorie intake in a sustainable way usually just comes down to having the right tools and knowledge to do so! Hopefully you found some of these tips useful in your own diet!

In 2013 I attended TVCC with my studies focusing on nutrition and biology. After leaving TVCC I pursued a career in inbound marketing and have worked in many different industries including health and fitness, firearms, coaching, and many more. I spent 6 years training for powerlifting and 6 years after training for a bodybuilding show in Idaho, which sadly did not come to fruition.

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