Why You Should Try Send It Pre Workout by UXO Supplements

send it pre workout

Are you looking for a pre workout that is heavy in pump ingredients but struggling to find something you like? It can feel like you have an endless cycle of trying new pre all the time! I suggest trying the send it pre workout but stay with me here!

I totally understand; I used to feel like I could never find a good formula. However, I found what works for me and will share more about it below!


To save you some time reading here is what I think – out of the hundreds of pre workouts I have tried, Send It has been my favorite by far. However, what I want to get out of a pre and what you want might be different.

I would recommend getting the sample packs UXO offers to try it yourself if you are concerned about buying a full tub.

send it pre workout reviews are great

You don’t have to take my word for it though! Their reviews are fantastic. Plus UXO has a satisfaction guarantee!

Send It Flavor

So, the flavor isn’t the most important part of pre workouts, in my opinion. I have choked down some disgusting ones to get the benefits of the ingredients. However, I know not everyone feels that way! Luckily, Send It has some fantastic flavors.

I have tried most of the flavors Send It comes in but not all of them. However, I have yet to be disappointed. UXO puts a ton of effort into making sure their flavors are not only unique, but also top quality.

They have gone above and beyond on the flavors! I would highly recommend the Tiger’s Blood personally.

Pump Ingredients

This is the most important part of any pre in my opinion. I can live with garbage flavors, and I like the caffeine content to be low, but I want a killer pump in the gym!

Send It kills it in this department! With six grams of citrulline and 250 milligrams of norvaline the pumps with this pre are amazing.

send it pre workout ingredients
Send It preworkout premium ingredients

Send It also happens to be unique in the fact that it contains more trademarked ingredients than most pre currently available. This may sound like a gimmick, however, the ingredients have each been chosen because of the benefits they are proven to provide. They are supported by research and guaranteed to provide the reported benefits as compared to generic ingredients.

send it pre workout ingredient list
Send It preworkout ingredients

Beyond that, my lifts consistently go up when I take send it! The workouts are good enough I genuinely would not believe it is clean if they didn’t have proof of it.

UXO Send It Pre Workout Quality

There are a couple things I typically look at to determine supplement quality. One of those things is clarity in labeling, i.e. no proprietary blends. The other is proof of quality like third party testing.

Once again, UXO steps up ready to play! All of the ingredients are on the label for their products with no proprietary blends in sight so you know exactly what you are taking.

Additionally, they go above and beyond by having all of their products third party tested and only using facilities that are GMP certified and FDA registered.

What this means is that you can rest assured that there are no banned substances or incorrect labels on all of their products.


It seems like any pre workout you find now has caffeine in it. I could live without it but I also understand why it’s there.

Typically, I look for caffeine free or low caffeine formulas. Originally, I was hesitant to try the Send It pre workout because it has some in it. However, I gave it a shot since it only has 275mg and I’m glad I did!

The caffeine in this pre does not give you a jittery, cracked-out feeling. Instead, you get a nice steady, focused feeling that helps you cruise through your workout.

send it pre workout has no crash

Additionally, because of the amount of caffeine it has you don’t have to worry about it working against the pump ingredients and restricting blood flow!

The Creators of Send It Pre Workout

I don’t know about you, but I like knowing that the products I buy aren’t just good, but that the companies that make them are ones I can stand behind. You know the phrase “you vote with your wallet?” I want to make sure that I can feel good about who is getting my money.

Once again, the creators of the send it pre workout, UXO Supplements excel in this area.

Jon, the owner of UXO, has dedicated his life and career to giving back to the community. The company regularly raises money for organizations like Mission 22, and Jon is highly involved in the local community, even outside of sports and veteran organizations.

About UXO Supplements – the creators of the Send It pre workout

Why You Should Try Send It Pre Workout

The Send It pre workout formulas is one of the best I have tried, the flavors are incredible, you know you are getting high quality, and the company is one you can feel good about supporting.

Beyond that, if you are bouncing around pre workouts, what do you have to lose?

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