Spot Reduction of Body Fat: is it a Myth?

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Over 50% of adults in the U.S. try to lose weight every year. With so many weight loss options seemingly available, it makes sense that spot reduction comes up so often.

Losing weight is a taxing and challenging task. It requires physical effort, maintaining self-discipline, changing your lifestyle, and opting for healthy diet plans.

The idea of spot reduction can provide hope to people who don’t believe their goals are achievable otherwise.

Is spot reduction actually achievable, though? This article will break down why spot reduction of body fat DOES NOT WORK. Yes, spot reducing is a myth.

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What is Spot Reduction?

Do you want to lose fat that has accumulated on a specific area of your body? Maybe it’s your underarms, your belly, or your thighs!

Well, look no further! Spot reduction can help!… Or can it?

In recent times, a new phenomenon appeared known as spot reduction. It is also sometimes called targeted weight loss and is a relatively new idea.

The phenomenon involves working out in specific ways to eliminate fats from one particular portion of the body. Is this possible? Can you actually burn fat from one specific area?

One famous example of this type of exercise is crunches. Some trainers suggest that a person can lose midsection body weight by doing a specific set of crunches.

Many research studies have been conducted on spot-reduction, but none have found substantial evidence supporting it. The reality? You can’t target fat loss one one specific area. It takes place over the entire body.

Spot Reduction: Myth or Reality?

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Besides liposuction and other targeted weight-loss surgeries, spot reduction is a myth. Very few studies have supported it. The ones that do support it tend to fail are either fundamentally flawed or trying to sell something.

Weight loss only occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. You cannot target a specific area and lose fats within that particular section.

When a body burns fat, it does not choose where to burn it first. The whole body loses weight at the same pace. You will lose body fat. You just can’t choose where.

Why is Spot Reduction Impossible?

Working out increases the body’s metabolism and burns fat. A person generally gains mass on the stomach area initially.

When embarking on a weight loss journey, they tend to lose most weight from that same spot and the rest of their body. This type of weight loss does not support the spot reduction theory. The body loses fat in a similar fashion that it gains it.

Why the Hype?

What if I could tell you that you could lose weight EXACTLY where you want to with one simple workout (that I sell)? Pretty excellent marketing pitch. Right?

Spot reduction is a mere hype promoted by a few advertisers. Many trainers devised programs for spot reduction techniques and advertised weight loss pills. They told people that their tool, diet, or product promoted fat reduction in a specific area.

These were mainly money-making businesses, and they had no evidence supporting their proposed outcomes. These weight loss supplements might also be detrimental to vital organs of the human body.

Other advertisers promoted a cream that could speed up losing weight in certain areas. These claims have also been widely dismissed in recent studies.

The following are promising and practical ways to lose weight:

There are no shortcuts or easy ways out when trying to lose weight. Remember that you must put in genuine and consistent efforts to achieve your dream body.

Can Spot Reduction Be Achieved?

Unfortunately, spot reduction is just a myth perpetuated by companies or organizations that can benefit from people believing in it.

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