Push-Up Test Calculator – See How You Stack Up

Push-Up Test Calculator

Push-Up Test Calculator

Push-Up Test Calculator: Evaluate Your Upper Body Muscular Endurance

Welcome to the Push-Up Test Calculator, a tool designed to help you assess your upper body muscular endurance. This calculator provides valuable insights into your push-up performance.

Let's explore how to use it and what it can tell you.

How to Use the Push-Up Test Calculator

Using the Push-Up Test Calculator is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select Gender: Choose your gender from the dropdown menu. This ensures that your results are evaluated accurately based on established standards.
  2. Enter Information: In the left column, input your age and the number of push-up repetitions you could complete without pausing. Make sure to perform the push-ups with proper form.
  3. Click "Calculate": Once you've entered your information, click the "Calculate" button. The calculator will analyze your data and provide feedback on your upper body muscular endurance.

Understanding the Push-Up Test

Learn more about the push-up test here.

The Push-Up Test evaluates your upper body strength and endurance by assessing how many push-ups you can perform properly. This test is widely used to gauge your fitness level, particularly regarding your upper body muscles.

Proper Form for Push-Ups

Maintaining proper form during push-ups is essential to ensure accurate results and prevent injury. Here's how to perform push-ups correctly:

  • Elbows Fully Extended: Keep your arms fully extended at the top of each push-up.
  • Male Subject: Position your forefoot or toes on the floor. Keep your legs, hips, and back straight. The tester should place an upright fist below your chest, and your chest should contact the tester's fist.
  • Female Subject: Position your knees on the floor or a mat. Maintain a straight line from your hips to your back. The tester will provide verbal feedback on the depth of your push-up, ensuring that your shoulders are at the same height as your elbows.

Interpreting Your Results

After you click "Calculate," the calculator will reveal your push-up rating based on gender, age, and the number of repetitions you completed. 

The rating falls into categories like "Very Poor," "Poor," "Below Average," "Average," "Above Average," or "Excellent." This provides insight into your upper body's muscular endurance relative to established standards.


The Push-Up Test Calculator offers a practical and accessible way to assess your upper body strength and endurance. This tool empowers you to track your progress and set fitness goals. Consistent exercise and proper form are key to improving your push-up performance over time. Use this calculator as a stepping stone on your fitness journey, and enjoy the benefits of a stronger and healthier body.

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