A Tasty Review: Protein Poptarts – Are They Worth the Hype?

protein poptarts

Have you ever wished for a snack that’s both delicious and packed with protein? Enter the Protein Poptarts – a modern twist on a classic treat that claims to satisfy your taste buds while giving you a protein boost.

I’m about to dive into the world of Protein Poptarts to find out if they live up to the excitement. Let’s explore whether these protein-infused pastries are truly a game-changer.

My Thoughts On The Protein Poptart

As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to get one.

Back in my powerlifting days, I used to eat pop-tarts with peanut butter like a sandwich just to get calories in.

When I switched to bodybuilding, that meant saying goodbye to most of my favorite snacks.

But then these guys showed up. I bought one the second I saw it. As soon as I got out to my car, I ate it. Like most snacks I buy.

My first thought: it’s not a pop-tart. Does it look like one? Absolutely. But the taste was not up to my standards. And man, was it dry.

That said, if you aren’t a foodie, it’s probably not a bad treat. And it still beats most protein bars by a mile and a half.

Personally, I’ll stick to the original, just in moderation.

Want to learn more about them to decide whether you should try them? Keep reading!

The Protein Poptart Hype

Protein Poptarts have been generating quite a buzz lately. Promoted as a convenient and tasty way to fuel your body with protein, they’ve caught the attention of fitness enthusiasts and snack lovers alike.

But are they as good as they sound? I’m here to break down the pros and cons, giving you the scoop on whether these treats are a must-try or a fad.

Taste Test

When it comes to any food, taste is paramount. Protein Poptarts come in various flavors, from classic favorites like chocolate and blueberry to more adventurous options like birthday cake. After putting them to the test, the flavors are okay at best.

They do their best to maintain traditional pop-tart’s sweet and comforting taste while offering an extra dose of protein.
Maybe try them with some milk.

Protein Content

The standout feature of Protein Poptarts is, of course, the added protein. These snacks are marketed to sneak in protein without sacrificing taste. 

I’m going to agree with them on this one. A single Protein Poptart contains 20 grams of protein. That’s better than many bars on the market. 

For those looking to increase their protein intake, these snacks are a convenient option to support muscle recovery and growth.

Convenience Factor

One of the main selling points of Protein Poptarts is their convenience. They’re individually packaged and can quickly be taken on the go – perfect for those busy days when you need a snack.

Whether you’re headed to the gym, a class, or a work meeting, these portable treats can be stashed in your bag for a protein-packed pick-me-up.

Balancing Macros

For anyone mindful of their macronutrient intake (protein, carbs, and fats), Protein Poptarts can help you strike a balance. With 5 grams of net carbs, 8 grams of fat, and 20 grams of protein, they won’t break your diet.

This balance can be particularly helpful for anyone trying to align their snacking choices with their fitness goals.

Final Verdict On Protein Poptarts

Are Protein Poptarts worth the hype? I don’t think so. But I also wouldn’t have listened to me!

The answer depends on your individual preferences and dietary goals. If you’re looking for a convenient way to boost your protein intake, these snacks can certainly fit the bill. Give them a try, and let me know what you think!

However, like with any food, moderation is key. While Protein Poptarts offer a protein-packed alternative to traditional snacks, they shouldn’t replace a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.


Protein Poptarts bring a modern twist to a classic snack, offering an easy way to incorporate more protein into your diet. With a range of flavors and convenience on their side, they might be a delightful addition to your snack repertoire, even if they didn’t make it into mine. 

I’m not paid to promote these, but if you want to find them, here they are.

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